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York Dark Chocolate Peppermint Patties Bunny. $4 at Walmart. Credit: Walmart. Made with York's signature silky smooth dark chocolate, this indulgent Easter bunny is for the ultimate mint chocolate lover. The dark chocolate shell is rich and perfectly sweet, while the peppermint filling makes for a refreshing bite! 2. Peanut Butter Filling.

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Specifically, chowing down on chocolate bunnies while wearing my Easter bonnet. But with so many varieties and price ranges to choose from, which bunny is the best? I bought 13 commercially available bunnies and conducted blindfolded taste tests with the help of a fellow taster. I only tested milk chocolate and only bunnies.

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These bunnies come in a set of four, including two milk chocolate bunnies, one dark chocolate bunny and one white chocolate bunny, so there can be enough for the whole family! Chocolate Bunny $24

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Savannah's Candy Kitchen Easter Milk Chocolate Turtle - Gift Box of 12 (2023) $30 at Savannah, Georgia, is famous for its praline chocolates: a combination of chocolate, caramel.

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Reese's REESE'S Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bunny. Now 15% Off. $12 at Amazon. Chocolate and peanut butter go together like candy and Easter.

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Red Gift Box with Bow (12pc) $18.95. Add to Cart. Milk Chocolate Caramel SQUARES Gift Bag (80 pc) $27.97 $39.95. Add to Cart. Get the best Easter chocolate for gifts & Easter baskets from Ghirardelli. Festive and delicious chocolate Easter bunny rabbits, eggs, gift boxes & more.

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2. Milk Chocolate Bunny & Truffle Eggs, $14.95 at Sur La Table. Sur La Table's solid milk chocolate bunny is paired with colorful mini eggs with truffle centers. Nestle it into an Easter basket or.

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R. M. PALMER COMPANY Peter Rabbit Hollow Milk Chocolate Easter Candy. Now 68% Off. $5 at Walmart. There's a good chance you remember this classic chocolate bunny from when you were growing up! This Peter Rabbit milk chocolate bunny includes a miniature Tale of Peter Rabbit inside for kids to enjoy while chomping down on their chocolaty friend.

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Russell Stover Milk Chocolate. Russell Stover's milk chocolate bunny was originally the best chocolate bunny, but it was demoted to the number two spot after our most recent taste test. It's still quite good, though. And it's hard to do better at this price (under $1.50!).

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In a medium mixing bowl beat the cream cheese until fluffy. Place raspberry preserves in a microwave safe bowl and heat 15 seconds. Add preserves to cream cheese, blend until combined. Add powdered sugar, mix well. Place filling in a zip top bag, snip one corner and pipe into chocolate cavity.

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Best Chocolate Easter Bunnies for 2021 at a Glance. Best Overall: Lindt Easter Gold Bunny. Runner-up: Ghirardelli Easter Hollow Milk Chocolate Bunny. Best Kid-friendly: Kinder Easter Chocolate Bunny. Best Gift: Godiva Easter Milk Chocolate Solid Bunny.

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M&M'S Personalized Easter Bunny Gift Box. The sweetest way to say "happy Easter" is with a box of Easter chocolate made just for them. Three cut-out bunnies jazz up the outside of this box, displaying the M&M'S inside. You can select from 20 different candy colors, including pastels, and print your own messages or images onto the candies.

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The Best Dark-Chocolate Easter Bunnies Harbor Sweets' dark-chocolate bunny. After eating my way through a mountain of milk-chocolate bunnies, I was relieved to dig into a couple dark-chocolate ones that had nice deep flavor and good texture—though we found that even the dark-chocolate bunnies tended to be quite mild, lacking the intense dark.

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With baskets brimming with possibilities, I embarked on a mission to decipher the chocolatey hierarchy.Armed with a discerning palate and a passion for sugar, I undertook the enviable task of taste-testing seven renowned chocolate bunny brands, aiming to crown the ultimate champion, so you can choose the best option for your Easter festivities..

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Score: 7.9/10. Dove dark chocolate is our Test Kitchen's favorite brand, and it turns out that Dove makes tempting milk chocolate, too. This solid chocolate bunny was extra sweet, but the strong milk chocolate taste balanced it out. This is a solid chocolate bunny, so we couldn't imagine eating this all in one day, but that's OK—it's.

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Hollow Easter Bunnies. While some prefer the supreme chocolate experience of indulging in a solid block of milk or dark chocolate, others enjoy biting into a hollow Easter bunny. The chocolate breaks apart easily into multiple pieces, so you can enjoy your chocolate bunny in shareable, bite-sized parts. Our hollow Easter bunnies are recommended.