DIY Florida Water Recipe (Personalized Agua de Florida) Florida water


For spiritual coaching, tarot therapy, astrology readings, and more, visit! This video is a detailed recipe and instructions of ho.

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Likewise, you can cleanse yourself with Florida Water before a ritual. It makes a great ingredient to add to a ritual bath. A small amount added to the water will cleanse and protect. Do-It-Yourself Florida Water Recipe. Though Florida Water is easy to find in most places, it is nearly as easy to make yourself if you have the right supplies.

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Strain the liquid a second time to ensure it is well cleaned, then transfer to a clean jar. For use, you add 1 part mixture to (at least) 4 parts distilled water. DO NOT use this mixture without diluting it by at least a 1:4 ratio or more. It is very strong and needs dilution to be safe for your skin, pets, etc.

DIY Florida Water Recipe (Personalized Agua de Florida) Florida water

DIY Florida Water Recipe / Aqua de Florida Florida Water is a bright, uplifting cologne water often used to energetically cleanse your aura, & quickly rebalance your vibration. It's the perfect "cool down" after a long day at work, especially if you interact with a lot of people.

DIY Florida Water Recipe to cleanse your aura or your altar or

What you'll need to make your own Florida Water: 20 oz glass jar or bottle. 100-proof Vodka. 2 Tablespoons of rose water ( we have a recipe here) 16 drops of bergamot essential oil. 12 drops of lavender essential oil. 6 drops black pepper essential oil. 3 drops rosemary essential oil. 2 drops jasmine essential oil.

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When you go to bed, spray a bit of Florida water on your pillows and blankets. Not only will it smell great, but it will protect you from bad energy while you snooze. [8] Take a spiritual bath with it. Pour 1⁄4 c (59 mL) of Florida water into a running bath, then soak in the water to cleanse your body and soul.

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Step Six:Place the jar of Florida Water in a special place or an altar. Many people will leave the mixture in a window to soak up the energy of the sun and moon. Put the tarot and/or oracle cards you've chosen around the jar. Place your hands on the jar and focus on the feeling from each of the cards you've chosen and then focus on sending.

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Florida Water Recipe #2. Put the juices in a jar or bottle, chop up lemon and lime rind and add that into the jar. Add the cloves and herbs then finish off by pouring over the alcohol. Put a lid on the jar or bottle and leave it in a dark place for three to four weeks. Then strain the liquid into a clean bottle.

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Hey Tuff Fam! I know its been a while but I'm back with a Diy! I will be showing you how I make my homemade florida water. Florida water is a plant-based col.

DIY Florida Water Recipe (Personalized Agua de Florida) Florida water

hello!There are various recipes for Florida water, I'm sharing the recipe that I love to make for Florida water! it's best to use herbs that are fresh. in th.

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Gather the different herbs in a sacred way. Add the vodka to it and store in a glass jar at room temperature. Keep the content for 14 days. You can place it outside to infuse with either a full or new moon. Use a paper towel to strain out the liquid from the herbs into a clean container. Cover the lid tightly and store until when needed.

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Make your own Florida Water with me and get to cleanse your home, self and magickal tools with an enhanced version of what you can find in the store! This re.

DIY Florida Water Recipe (Personalized Agua de Florida) Water recipes

1-part Cloves. You can use vodka to steep the herbs and flowers as explained by MoodyMoons in their website: "Put 16oz (2 Cups) Vodka on low heat. Add the dry ingredients and allow them to simmer for 5-10 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients. Simmer on low for an additional 40 minutes.". Unlock lessons, spells and meditations.

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Start with a clean, sterilized container. 1 part botanicals: Cinnamon stick pieces, cloves, dried orange, and lemon peels, ginger root, flowers such as rose petals, lavender, and jasmine (or all 3!). 2 parts essential oils: Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Cinnamon (a little goes a long way so I recommend only a few drops), Nutmeg, Ginger, Rose.

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Homemade Florida Water Recipe. For those that are unfamiliar with Florida water, it's not a water at all, it's actually considered a cologne and is made up of mostly alcohol. It is for external purposes and is not meant to be ingested.I find it to be a great alternative to sage and smoke, because it will cleanse just the same.

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Bring the distilled water to a boil in a small saucepan, add 2 tablespoons sea salt and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool before making your Florida Water. Variations. DIY Florida Water with Essential Oils. Making Florida Water with essential oils can be a convenient alternative to using fresh or dried herbs and spices.