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It was a massive zucchini.. Most of the comments are because Novaruu and her bestie AriaNina are known to be absolute dramafrogs that won't shy away from spouting fucking nonsense if it fits their agenda. Hell Arias whole "business plan" is being a homewrecker and blackmailing guys into sending her money etc.

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The problem is that Novaruu will not get cancelled for doing this shit. She is nobody and only relevant when talks to Zherka about shit that doesn't need to be said. All we know about her is the zucchini story. That bich was not even in that party + had Adriana blocked on twitter. How is that making any sense.

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Novaruu's pretty trustworthy so when she popped up out of nowhere to chime in on the drama I believed what she had to say. Reply reply [deleted] • "Popped out of nowhere" Is that a shameless zucchini joke??? :P Reply reply.


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My name is Nova. I'm 23 years old, feel free to ask me any questions, as I love engaging with the chat. I'm online every day from 3pm-8pm PST

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Weeks later Nova comes to visit Austin (where Mitch lives) and they hook up some more but again, off stream, on the DL. Someone goes into Mitch's computer and takes pictures of DMs between Nova and Mitch exposing that they have been hooking up. Tricky feels betrayed by Nova.

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That zucchini pic will haunt her for the rest of her life, imagine her as a grandma one day, with the kids next to her playing. Then opening her social media and there it is, her younger self, trying to stick a 1 meter giant zucchini in her twat. I think it's funny when I had no idea who Novaruu was BUT as soon as I read Zucchini Andy I knew.

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Fashion b-roll footage: Novaruu AKA Nova Storm on the red carpet at the XBIZ Awards red carpet held at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California USA o.

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