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Directions. For the Dough: Rub 2 tablespoons butter into flour with fingertips until mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Add ice water in small increments until dough just comes together and knead gently until smooth. Form dough into a disk, cover with plastic wrap, and chill in fridge for 30 minutes.

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Add the flour, sugar, and lard to a mixing bowl, and mix until thoroughly combined. Then slowly add the water in 3-4 batches and knead the dough to form a smooth dough ball. Set it aside and cover with a damp cloth. Make sure the dough is not too dry. To test for quality, form a dough ball and press it flat.


Mooncake Prices — ¥5 to ¥200. The price range of mooncakes is very wide. The price depends on the flavor and packaging. In general the price for a red bean paste, lotus seed paste, or vegetable and fruit mooncake is 5-10 yuan. Five kernel and roast pork flavor is more expensive, about 10-20 yuan each.

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With these Su-Style Mooncakes, I even took the extra step of making the distinctive red marking. I simply mixed 10 drops of red food coloring with ⅛ teaspoon water to create "ink" and used the back of a star anise pod as a stamp. Shake off the excess "ink" on the star anise before stamping the mooncake, or you will end up with a red.

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1. Preheat the oven to 350°F/180°C and prepare a sheet pan lined with parchment paper. 2. Spray with clear liquor. Arrange the salted yolks on the sheet pan, about 1 inch apart and spray each yolk with some clear liquor, like bai jiu (Chinese clear rice wine), vodka, or even a non-flavor soju.

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Place the pastries on it, at least 1" (2.5) apart. Lightly beat the yolk. Brush a thin layer of the egg wash onto the tops of the pastries. Wait 5 minutes and brush with a second layer of yolk. Wet your fingertip with water and dip it into the sesame seeds so the seeds stick to your finger.

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Suzhou Savory Pork Mooncake (苏式鲜肉月饼), also known as "Su-style Mooncake" or "Flaky Mooncake," is a distinctive regional delicacy hailing from the Jiangnan region of China. It holds a significant place in the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival culinary repertoire, tracing its origins back to the Tang Dynasty (although.

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Bake the mooncakes with 2" (5 cm) space in between, in the preheated oven for 20 min until the bottom is browned (the top of the mooncakes will remain blond). If you need to bake in 2 batches, keep the rest in the fridge until needed.

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Soak overnight. Drain the soaked beans and transfer to a medium pot, along with 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce the heat to medium-low, and cover. Simmer for 40-60 minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more water ¼ cup at a time if the liquid dries up.

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The Chaoshan-style mooncake, or the teochew mooncake, is a famous traditional flaky mooncake in the Chaoshan area of Guangdong Province. According to the different types of stuffing, it can be divided into mung bean mooncake, black bean mooncake, seafood mooncake, yolks mooncake, etc. The kernel inside stuffing is commonly yolks or seafood.

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Start mixing. It is very simple and fast because the dough is rich in fat (33%). Roll the dough into a ball and place under cling film in a cool place. Dampening: put the 120g of flour. Make a hole and put the remaining 45g of lard. Pour hot water in the center. Start mixing in the middle, the lard will melt. Mix well.

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These rustic, Su-Style Mooncakes have only five ingredients and will impress all your friends and family. Different from the traditional and popularized Cant.

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Once the water dough has rested for 30 minutes, use your palm to press a ball of the dough into a round circle. Add a ball of lard dough right into the center. Bring up the sides of the water dough and press flat. Roll the hybrid ball of dough into a long, thin oval. Then roll it into a log, widthwise.

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Mooncake is a traditional delicacy for celebrating Mid-autumn festival. Most Chinese mooncakes are sweet like desserts. This recipe is special because it is a savory kind, called Su-style, orginated from Zhejiang province in China. It is like a meat pie, crispy on the outside and flavorful and tender on the inside, so delicious.

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Cover lightly with cling wrap and place in the fridge to firm up. For the water dough, mix all of the ingredients together and knead until very smooth. Add water or flour as needed. The dough should be soft with no lumps. Divide into 12 balls. Set on table, cover with cling wrap, and let rest for 30 minutes.

The Flakiest Suzhou Pork Mooncake Ever! (For Real!)

The moon festival is approaching. That means it is time to learn how to make mooncakes again. Flaky mooncake also known as dan huang su 蛋黄酥 /pastry mooncake. Pastry mooncakes look like the shanghai mooncake .Shanghai mooncake is made of a shortcrust pastry which is buttery and crumbly.