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The name 'infusion' refers to the process of steeping plants or fruits in hot water. We know that sounds a lot like making a cup of tea, but an infusion doesn't come from the traditional tea plant. Quite simply, it hasn't got any tea leaves in it. Infusions can be a great way to stay hydrated and, with a cup containing around 4 calories.

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Ingredients. 1/2 cup dried organic oatstraw. 1/4 cup dried organic nettle leaf. 1/4 cup dried organic tulsi (holy basil) 5-10 dried organic hawthorn berries. 4 cups water. Directions. Place dried herbs in a glass quart-size jar. Boil water and pour it over herbs in the jar.

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Pre-warm the pot. The simplest way is too put hot water into the pot. Even a swirl of hot water is better than a cool pot. The closer the pot is brought to the needed water temperature for infusion, the smoother the texture of the resultant liquor, and the more coherent its various tastes. Put the tealeaves into the pot.

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Caffeine Content. One key difference between tea and infusions is the caffeine content: Leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant contain caffeine. Hence, real tea has caffeine. Herbal infusions are most of the time naturally caffeine-free. Only a very small fraction of herbal infusions, like yerba mate, contain caffeine.


A tea infusion is the process of steeping plant materials in hot water to extract their flavors, aromas, and beneficial compounds. While the term "tea" typically refers to the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, tea infusions can include a wide range of ingredients such as fruits, bark, roots, or flowers. Most of the time, when we hear.

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The makings for a good cup of herbal tea and a batch of an herbal infusion are rather simple—more of an art than a science. To make an herbal tea, simply prepare water as recommended for the type of tea you're having and steep your herbs for a few minutes. Steep times will vary depending on the herbs you're using, but the average is 5-10 minutes.

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A delicious Christmassy beverage that's perfect for those cold winter months. The benefits of peppermint tea are, it helps to reduce stress, relieve sinus problems and boosts the immune system. Peppermint and lavender together would make for a tasty infused tea. 4. Liquor Tea Infusions.

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Herbal infusions offer an easy method for consuming the oils and flavors from favorite herbs. Infusion is the process of steeping (soaking) herbs in water until the water absorbs the oils and flavors, then drinking the liquid for the taste or for the medicinal value. Herbal tea is a form of infusion, in that it is created by steeping herb leaves in hot water, but the resulting drink is rather.

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Oxo. Home to a wide variety of kitchen gadgets, Oxo makes a couple tea infusers worth checking out. One is a nifty tea ball that can be opened and closed via a twistable plastic handle; the other is an infuser basket well-suited for your favorite mug. Both are affordably priced, as are many other Oxo products.

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Best Handle: Oxo Brew Twisting Tea Ball Infuser at Amazon ($12) Jump to Review. Best Glass: Teabloom Glass Tea Infuser at Amazon ($16) Jump to Review. Best Kettle: Breville Smart Tea Infuser.

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The classic infusion is probably the most simplest - and therefore the most popular - brewing technique that works well for all teas. You can control the temperature and steeping time so the tea will be of the strength you desire. Here's a tea recipe you can't go wrong with. Step 1: Heat water to the desired temperature. Ensure the.

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Infusions are the most popular method of preparing teas and tisanes . This tea or "herbal tea" preparation is also call brewing and typically involves: Pouring hot water over plant matter (such as dried leaves or berries). Waiting for a period of time (called steeping). Then removing the plant matter before drinking.

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Raspberry is high in vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins C, B and E. It's high in antioxidants, which has numerous positive health effects. ( source) Raspberry combines well with nettles, oatstraw and mints. Preferably brewed as an infusion.

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For me, tea infusion means achieving a desired taste and aroma result of a chosen kind of tealeaves by dissolving a certain proportion of the tea materials into water. This is done by using a certain combination of teaware, water temperature, water to tealeaves ratio and steeping process. Even how the leaves come into contact with water affects.

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Black Tea: Loves a hot bath of around 85-90°C, 2-3 minutes of infusion time. Oolong Tea: Basks at about 85-95°C for 3-5 minutes. Herbal and Fruit Infusions: Applaud hot water at 100°C and love to soak for 5-7 minutes. This is precisely where the magic occurs and the flavors escape their leafy prison to dance in your cup.

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The steps include: Step 1: Take plant matter in a cup (dried leaves, fruits or flowers) and pour hot water over it. You can also add a tea bag to hot water. Step 2: Allow the plant matter or tea bag to steep in water until the flavor is fully extracted. Step 3: Finally, remove the plant matter or tea bag before drinking it.